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Griffith University is a university committed to undertaking cutting edge research to address educational needs. In the field of learning difficulties, Griffith has a strong track record of successfully delivering pre-service and postgraduate education courses. The university also has an established reputation for quality teaching graduates in the field of special education, making it well placed to work with partners to address workforce needs in Autism Spectrum Disorder education.

The Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE), has a mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with autism by supporting learning - from early childhood to education and employment. This will be achieved by providing training to parents and professionals in multidisciplinary settings and by undertaking research to expand knowledge about autism and autism intervention. ACE is a collaborative initiative drawing on expertise from areas such as education, health and behavioural sciences. Our Centre is highly respected within the global autism community and recognised as leaders in the field and in evidence-based practice.

About the Autism Centre of Excellence

Our centre

Our Centre

The strength of the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) lies in the calibre of staff, renowned nationally and internationally, and the expertise they bring to the Autism Centre of Excellence initiative. ACE works collaboratively with the state and federal government Education, Health and Communities portfolios.

Our experts

Our experts

Our Centre provides professionals working across a variety of settings, with the knowledge and skills to improve the everyday lives of people with autism and their families. ACE seeks to support learning for people with autism across their lifespan and open doors of opportunity – from early childhood, to further education and employment.

Our research

Our research

Much of the research into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is from a health and/or clinical psychology perspective. However, ASD has a profound influence on a learner’s ability to positively participate in educational settings. ASD shapes a learner’s educational experiences as well as their wellbeing and success throughout their lifespan.

Be the difference to learners with Autism

Develop your specialist knowledge and teaching techniques with Australia’s first postgraduate multidisciplinary program dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With expert academic research and guidance, and the input of learners and their families, you’ll gain a deep understanding in communication, behaviour support, social-emotional learning, curriculum access, and can progress to more advanced courses covering transition phases, and collaborative practice.

Research Spotlight

Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Mindblindness to Mindfulness: This two-tiered project investigates the experience of learners with autism spectrum disorders through a large-scale survey. The project provides a mindfulness intervention for learners with autism spectrum disorders and problems with aggression, and their carers, to decrease children’s behaviour problems and increase parenting skills and satisfaction. Project members: Dr Yoon-Suk Hwang, Professor Jacqueline Roberts, Dr Helen Klieve, Patrick Kearney and Wayne Lang.

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Assistance for parents and carers

As our Centre does not provide direct services, we are therefore not capable of providing advice on or assistance with the services that are available locally or elsewhere. If you require access to services or advice, please refer to:

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