A multidisciplinary team, with researchers from diverse academic backgrounds

Through collaboration, the Centre for Governance and Public Policy strives for innovation, producing relevant and timely research with a tangible outcome on governance and public policy discourse. Read more about our members and their research interests in their member profiles.


Professor Haig Patapan

Research interests lie in the area of Australian and comparative constitutionalim, Political philosophy and Political leadership.

Deputy Director

Professor Renee Jeffery

Research interests lie in the areas of transitional and post-conflict justice with a special regional focus on the Asia-Pacific.


Dr Tracey Arklay

State and federal politics, public policy, electoral studies and disaster management.

Associate Professor Gideon Baker

Political theory, history of political thought, democratic theory and ethics in international relations.

Professor AJ Brown

Government accountability and responsiveness. federalism, regionalism and public integrity systems.

Associate Professor Luis Cabrera

International ethics, and justice and normative political theory.

Dr Giorel Curran

Environmental politics, green political theory, climate politics/policy and political movements.

Associate Professor Sara Davies

Gender and security, responsibility to protect, international refugee law and human security.

Dr Hui Feng

International political economy, post-communist transitions, international finance and Chinese politics.

Dr Huiyun Feng

Foreign policy analysis, Asia security studies and Chinese politics.

Dr Diego Fossati

Democratisation, development, voting behaviour and South East Asian politics.

Professor Ian Hall

History of international thought, international relations theory, Indian foreign and security policy, security studies

Dr Dan Halvorson

History of Australian foreign defence policy, Cold War history, colonialism and regionalism.

Professor Kai He

International relations theory, International security and China’s international relations.

Professor Richard Hindmarsh

Environmental politics; science, technology and society studies; and environmental sustainability and social transitions.

Associate Professor Robyn Hollander

Comparative federalism and intergovernmental relations; Regulation; and Australian politics and public policy.

Dr Cosmo Howard

Comparative public administration, bureaucratic politics, public policy processes and neoliberal governance.

Professor John Kane

Political theory, democratic studies, moral philosophy and political leadership.

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma

Electoral integrity, comparative politics, political parties and electoral behaviour.

Professor Duncan McDonnell

Political parties, populism, Euroscepticism and right wing politics.

Dr Lee Morgenbesser

South East Asian politics, authoritarian regimes and democratisation.

Dr Tu Nguyen

socio-legal studies, labour relations, and political economy in Southeast Asia

Professor Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh

Resource development and indigenous peoples, policy evaluation, negotiation and social impact assessment.

Professor Andrew O’Neill

International relations Asia–Pacific; strategic studies; Australian foreign and defence policy; and international terrorism and counter terrorism.

Professor John Parkinson

Deliberative democracy; political and policy staging; referendums and public involvement initiatives; and theories of the policy process.

Professor Anne Tiernan

Policy advisory capacity, executive advisory arrangements, policy influence and public policy agenda setting.

Dr Liz van Acker

Relationship between governments; gender and couple relationships; gender, feminist theories and politics; and industry policies.

Associate Professor Wes Widmaier

International political economy; international relations theory; war and crises as mechanisms of change; US foreign policy; and G20 studies.

Professor Emeritus Patrick Weller

Executive government; Politics and policy making in central governments in Westminster systems; Australian Politics; and International civil servants.

Dr Annika Werner

Political parties, representation, quality of democracy and comparative politics.

Prof Xu Yi-chong

Energy security, International organisations, and China and regional studies.

Research candidates

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Adjunct staff

  • Henry Boer
  • Val Cooms
  • Jack Corbett
  • Geoff Edwards
  • Luke Glanville
  • Dennis Grube
  • Jennifer Menzies
  • Zim Nwokora
  • Rod Rhodes
  • Professor Jason Sharman
  • Adam Simpson
  • Ric Smith AO PSM

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