Advance Queensland award to benefit outback tourism

Tourism is of great importance to the economy of regional Queensland. Over many years, towns in outback Queensland have been developing tourist attractions that can influence visitors to travel to a particular town and to stay longer in that town. The development of digital technology offers new opportunities to regional towns in developing tourist attractions. Dr Brent Moyle was recently awarded an Advance Queensland Fellowship from the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation for his project Stimulating Regional Tourism through Virtual Reconstruction of Queensland's WWII Heritage. The project will develop, monitor and evaluate three heritage tourism experience prototypes in the Murweh Shire.

Stage 1 of the Charleville Cosmos Centre is now complete

GIFT researchers were engaged in 2016 by the Murweh Shire Council to revitalise the Charleville Cosmos Centre and Observatory in regional Queensland. Stage 1 of the revitalisation is now complete, with a virtual rocket and immersive theatre space that opened in April. Watch the time-lapse video of the rocket being constructed.

Project team: Dr Brent Moyle, Dr Char-lee Moyle, Dr Meredith Wray, Ali Bec, Chris Little and Professor Noel Scott.

Effectiveness of tourism advertisements using eye tracking and skin conductance measures

This study investigates the use of eye tracking data and skin conductance to examine the effectiveness of tourism advertising. Our research utilises unique tracking methods to analyse the consumer’s response to marketing messages. The project will provide useful insights into tourism design communication and will form part of an Australian Research Council proposal.

Project funding: We are currently seeking funding partners.


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