Our Studio team designs creative and impactful print and digital materials that fit with the Griffith brand, ensuring a consistent look across the University and giving Griffith a stronger presence in a competitive market.

We’ll work with you to find the best way to communicate your message and reach your audience—whether that’s a brochure, a website, a t-shirt, or something else. We also offer copywriting, editing and proofreading services to help you refine your content.

From print design to digital, we’d love to hear from you.

Submit a digital or print design request

Complete a briefing form and email to studio@griffith.edu.au.

We recommend you contact your marketing manager to discuss your needs before briefing the studio.

Word briefing form PDF briefing form

Download a logo or template

Visit the Griffith brand page to download logos, template and style guides.

Go to Griffith brand page

Studio team

Staff member Phone Location Position
Ms Romina Vella (07) 373 51002 Ext. 51002 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Studio & Design Manager
Ms Elise Appleton (07) 373 54897 Ext. 54897 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Graphic Designer
Mr Brenton Gaw (07) 373 57529 Ext. 57529 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Digital Designer
Ms Megan Harrison (07) 373 57316 Ext. 57316 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Graphic Designer
Mr Nathan Judson (07) 373 58430 Ext. 58430 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Web Developer
Mr Matthew Macdade (07) 373 54034 Ext. 54034 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Web Officer
Ms Jaye Scott (07) 373 57934 Ext. 57934 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17 Web Officer
Web Officers (07) 373 53737 Ext. 53737 Bray Centre (N54) 1.17