WOW academics have a high publication output, including books and journal articles

Our researchers author, edit and contribute to a range of academic books, journal articles and industry reports related to work and organisational wellbeing. Recent book publications are included below. A full list of our academic publications can be found at Griffith Experts and Griffith Research Online.

Recent book publications


Cheap Book about ER 2017

Dundon, T., Cullinane, N. and Wilkinson, A. – A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Employment Relations (March, 2017), Sage.

Wilkinson et al Oxford Handbook of Management

Wilkinson, A., Armstrong, S.J. and Lounsbury, M. (eds) – The Oxford Handbook of Management (March, 2017), Oxford University Press.


Barry Hanbook of R in sport

Barry, M., Skinner, J. and Engelberg, T. (eds) – Research Handbook of Employment Relations in Sport (2016), Edward Elgar.

Glendon, Clarke - Safety & Management

Glendon, A.I. and Clarke, S. – Human Safety and Risk Management: A Psychological Perspective, 3rd edition (2016), Edward Elgar.

Johnstone, Wilkinson Dev + ER 2016

Johnstone, S. and Wilkinson, A. (eds) – Developing Positive Employment Relations: International Experiences of Labour Management Partnership (2016), Springer.

Thite, Wilkinson - Emerging Indian MNCs

Thite, M., Wilkinson, A. and Budhwar, P. (eds) – Emerging Indian Multinationals: Strategic Players in a Multipolar World (2016), Oxford University Press.

Townsend et al Qual methods in HRM

Townsend, K., Loudoun, R. and Lewin, D. (eds) – Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods on Human Resource Management: Innovative Techniques, 2016, Edward Elgar.

Wilkinson et al Perspectives on Contemporary Work

Wilkinson, A., Hislop, D. and Coupland, C. (eds) - Perspectives on Contemporary Professional Work: Challenges and Experiences (2016), Edward Elgar.

Wilkinson, Johnstone - Ency of HRM 2016

Wilkinson, A. and Johnstone, S. (eds) – Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management (2016), Edward Elgar.


Management History 2015 - Bowden

Bowden, B. and Lamont, D. (eds) – Management History: Its Global Past and Present (2015) Information Age Publishing.

Brough et al - crim justice wrkplaces 75x113

Brough, P., Brown, J.M. and Biggs, A. – Improving Criminal Justice Workplaces: Translating Theory and Research into Evidence-Based Practice (2015), Routledge.

Managing Managers - Wilkinson et al 2015

Wilkinson, A., Townsend, K. and Suder, G. (eds) - Handbook of Research on Managing Managers (2015), Edward Elgar.

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